Climate-Smart Conservation

waves crashing along a rocky shore

The Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Climate-Smart Conservation Program is an effort to integrate climate change science, monitoring, adaptation, mitigation, and communication into sanctuary management.

Climate-Smart Conservation promotes nature-based solutions to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance carbon sinks
  • Reduce climate change impacts on wildlife and people and enhance resilience
  • Sustain vibrant, diverse ecosystems

The Program has worked with local experts and partners to develop a Climate Change Impacts Report, an Ocean Climate Indicators Monitoring Inventory and Plan, and a Green Operations Plan (mitigation). Most recently, we developed a Climate-Smart Adaptation Plan to respond to and manage for the impacts of climate change to sanctuary resources. This combined effort, a first of its kind within the National Marine Sanctuary System, will guide sanctuary management and partners to ensure long-term viability of the marine ecosystems within this productive and unique region.