Ocean Climate Adaptation for the North-Central CA Coast

black oystercatcher walking along the rocky shore

Greater Farallones National Marine Sactuary (GFNMS), along with project partners, Bay Area Ecosystems Climate Change Consortium, California Landscape Conservation Cooperative, EcoAdapt, Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, National Park Service Pacific West Region, Point Blue Conservation Science, Point Reyes National Seashore, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service are collaborating on the Climate-Smart Adaptation Project for the North-central California Coast and Ocean. The goal of the project is to enable marine resource managers to respond to, plan, and manage for the impacts of climate change to habitats, species, and ecosystem services (termed “focal resources”) within the North-central California coast and ocean region. Specifically, the project seeks to integrate climate-smart adaptation into existing management frameworks, and provide guidance to help ensure long-term viability of the habitats and resources that natural resource agencies are mandated to protect.

To meet the project goal, the following overarching objectives will be achieved:

  1. Produce scientifically sound vulnerability assessments of focal resources through expert elicitation and literature review. Completed
  2. Convene a Working Group of the Sanctuary Advisory Council to develop and prioritize climate change adaptation recommendations that can be feasibly implemented by managers, while considering a range of plausible future climate scenarios. Completed
  3. Develop an implementation plan for sanctuary management based on the approved adaptation actions. Completed Fall 2016
  4. Serve as a pilot climate-smart adaptation project for other marine protected areas, such as national marine sanctuaries, statewide, nationally, and internationally. Ongoing

Detailed project description (PDF, 2.3 MB)

Focal Resources

February 2014 Focal Resources Workshop

Focal Resources Workshop Summary Report (PDF, 554 KB)

Final List of Focal Resources (PDF, 75 KB)

Vulnerability Assessment

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the North-central California Coast and Ocean

Quick Reference to Vulnerability Assessment Results (PDF, 230 KB)

View the webinar: Climate-Smart Adaptation: Vulnerability Assessment Results and Next Steps for the North-central California Coast and Ocean

June 2014 Vulnerability Assessment Workshop

Adaptation Planning

GFNMS Climate Adaptation Plan (PDF, 700 KB)

Climate-Smart Adaptation Report (PDF, 1.1. MB)

Advisory Council Working Group Members (PDF, 96 KB)

View the presentation slides: Climate-Smart Adaptation Working Group of the North-central California Coast and Ocean (PDF, 1.3 MB)

View the EcoAdapt presentation (with audio): Adaptation 101: Foundational Elements and Key Steps

Scenario Planning for Climate Change Adaptation: A Guidance Document for Resource Managers (Point Blue Conservation Science and California Coastal Conservancy, PDF, 1.2 MB)