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Stay Tuned for Sharktoberfest 2022 as we celebrate 50 years of National Marine Sanctuaries

Virtual Sharktoberfest 2021

2021 Sharktoberfest poster

Celebrate the Annual Return of White Sharks

Our annual celebration of sharks is going virtual this year!

When: Saturday, September 25, 2021 10 am to ~1:30 pm PDT

Where: Streaming on YouTube Live

Join Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, Greater Farallones Association, and Shark Stewards, for an online celebration of sharks to raise awareness of the importance of elasmobranchs in our marine ecosystem, coinciding with the arrival of white sharks to the San Francisco area to feed on our abundant seal and sea lion populations. Tune in for fun and educational activities for adults and kids, shark art, shark science, shark films, shark conservation, and lots of great ukulele tunes! Free event. No registration necessary.

For more details visit: https://farallones.org/sharktoberfest/ Have questions? Contact Sara: sheintzelman@farallones.org


You're Invited!

Get Into Your Sanctuary with Greater Farallones

August 7, 2021

sea star on a rock

Join Greater Farallones sanctuary naturalists for a virtual tidepool adventure. Using an innovative storymap with photos, videos, maps, and a 3D intertidal model, we will explore the amazing intertidal habitat at the dynamic edge of the sea. You'll learn how the animals and algae survive under ever-changing conditions. We'll explore the creatures of the intertidal including octopuses, chitons, anemones, sea stars, sea urchins, and nudibranchs that call this biodiversity hotspot “home.” Learn important tidepool etiquette and helpful techniques to plan your own trip to the intertidal.

WHERE: Virtual; link provided with registration confirmation.
WHEN: Saturday, August 7, 10am-11am PDT
Audience: Adults & families

Be sure to tune into the other Get Into Your Sanctuary live streaming events from across the National Marine Sanctuary System taking place from August 2-August 8!
Check out the complete schedule of events: https://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/visit/giys.html

Enter the Get Into Your Sanctuary photo contest!

May 29th to September 6th, 2021


  1. Sanctuary views
  2. Sanctuary life
  3. Sanctuary recreation
  4. Sanctuaries at home

For full contest details: https://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/photo-contest.html

Sea star in a rock tide pool
Sea star, Sara Heintzelman, NOAA
close up view of a chiton
Chiton, Chad King, NOAA

World Ocean Day: June 8, 2021

ocean wave
bull kelp
Photo Credit: Keith Johnson

Did you know our ocean is a climate superhero?

Seaweed and phytoplankton in the ocean produce more than 50% of our world's oxygen. Thank you ocean.

And the ocean needs our help, after all every great superhero needs a sidekick! Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and Association are working to protect and restore kelp forests along the northern California coastline through the Greater Farallones Kelp Recovery Program.

shark, shrimp, puffins and whales
Photo Credits clockwise from shark: Peter Winch, Sophie Webb/NOAA, NOAA, Peter David/USFWS

Did you know our ocean is a superhero?

More than 50% of all species on earth are found in the ocean. Thank you ocean.

And the ocean needs our help, after all every great superhero needs a sidekick! The Greater Farallones ocean research partnership, through the Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies (ACCESS), supports marine wildlife conservation and healthy marine ecosystems in northern and central California and informs resource managers, policy makers, and conservation partners through programs like the Seabird Protection Network. Together we can make responsible decisions about how to protect the ocean we all depend on.

plankton under a microscope
Photo Credits: Pacific Plankton and Maureen Sullivan

Did you know our ocean is a climate superhero?

The ocean stores 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere through carbon sequestration. Thank you ocean.

And the ocean needs our help, after all every great superhero needs a sidekick! Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and Association engage the next generation of marine stewards through enriching education programs to learn about topics such as ocean acidification and plankton and increase environmental literacy.

coral reef and three different shoreline photos
Photo Credits clockwise from coral: GFNMS, Bob Wilson/Lighthawk, Sara Heintzelman, Beach Watch/GFNMS

Did you know our ocean is a superhero?

The ocean supports life and livelihoods for wildlife and humans worldwide through its diverse ecosystems that wildlife and people depend on for shelter, sustenance, jobs, and joy. Thank you ocean.

And the ocean needs our help, after all every great superhero needs a sidekick! We monitor coastal ecosystems through community science programs, such as Beach Watch and LiMPETS, that engage student and adult volunteers to track the short-term and long-term changes within the sanctuary. These data inform Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary managers and community partners on how best to protect these important places.

people collecting trash, people observing from the beach and kids perfoming a monitoring experiment
Photo Credits clockwise from marine debris: Kate Bimrose, Sara Heintzelman, LiMPETS, Beach Watch/GFNMS

You can be a superhero for our ocean.

From individual and community actions to civic engagement, we can all contribute to protecting our ocean. Whether you choose a plastic free option on your next purchase, work with your community to organize a trash clean up, contact your representatives, or vote, everyone can make a difference.

What action do you pledge to take? Send us an email or tag yourself being a superhero for the ocean on social media and let us know how your actions go!

Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary & Greater Farallones Association
#OceanSuperHero #ThankYouOcean #WorldOceanDay


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