Have You Witnessed a Wildlife Disturbance?

Pigeon Guillemot flying away

Witnesses should not approach or contact anyone suspected of causing a wildlife disturbance.

Report an incident as soon as possible. Specific information is essential and must be accurately documented and reported. Photographing or video recording a wildlife disturbance incident is important in order to confirm details of the incident afterwards.

Completing the Online Wildlife Disturbance Reporting Form

Reporting a wildlife disturbance incident is a multi-step process.

Within three days of your submission you will receive an email with a PDF of your completed form attached to the email. First review the form thoroughly to ensure all the information is accurately captured. Then return a reply email confirming all information is correct. If you have changes or additions to the form include the information in your reply email. If you have photos, video or maps of the disturbance incident, attach them to your reply email. Label each attachment using the following format: Type of attachment (photo, map, video) - Date - Source - Location - Time

Thank you for your cooperation.

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