A Kayaker's Guide to Seabird Protection

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The Seabird Protection Network is partnering with kayakers to protect seabirds! Knowing and practicing the best ways to see and not disturb seabirds helps ensure thriving seabird colonies along the coast.

Seabirds are sensitive to your presence. Approaching too close to seabird colonies can cause stress to seabirds resulting in abandoned nests, that could lead to the deaths of eggs and chicks and eventual decreases in populations.

Help Protect Seabirds by Following these Tips:

  • Avoid Special Closures. For more information visit California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Stay 1,000 feet (3 football fields) from cliffs, offshore rocks and islands.
  • If you see birds head bobbing, calling, fluttering or flying away you are too close - move away.
  • Paddle, sail, or motor around rather than through groups of birds on the water.
  • Properly dispose of fishing line - look for recyclings bins; also, cover bait, use barbless hooks and artificial lures.

Free Outreach Materials

  • to schedule a free presentation (PDF) at your next club meeting or event.
  • ID & Kayaker Guide to Special Closures in California's Marine Protected Areas. Download (PDF) or for a free waterproof copy.
  • Visit California Department of Fish and Wildlife for additional information on California's marine protected areas.

Visit www.SeabirdProtectionNetwork.org, our umbrella website, to find links to all the Network Chapters.