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Since August 2005, Seabird Protection Network (the Network) staff has been working to address human disturbance to breeding seabird colonies from Bodega Head, Sonoma County to Point Sur, Monterey County. These efforts are accomplished through an organized outreach and education program combined with seabird management actions and enforcement of wildlife disturbance regulations. Monitoring of California seabird breeding colonies is conducted by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which guides outreach and management efforts.

Vision, Mission and Goals

The overarching vision of the Seabird Protection Network is resilient seabird populations flourishing throughout the coastal and near-shore waters of California. The mission is to help seabirds thrive by informing management and coastal and ocean users how activities, like low-flying aircraft, close-approaching boats and coastal visitors can disturb seabirds, which can lead to a reduction in the long-term population size and survivability of affected populations of marine wildlife.

The primary goal of the Seabird Protection Network is to minimize levels of human disturbance (i.e., airplanes, boats, coastal visitors) at breeding and roosting seabird colonies throughout the California coast. A secondary goal of the Seabird Protection Network is to raise overall awareness and appreciation of seabirds.

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