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High School Teacher Professional Development Workshops

Teachers! Looking for new ways to make science come alive in your classroom? This year we are offering a series of exciting and insightful lectures, workshops and field excursions to support our community of teachers and connect them with the sanctuary. Workshop presentations, activities, and content are geared for middle and high school biology and environmental science teachers; however, all teachers and educators are welcome. Learn more about workshop schedules, details, and online registration or contact Abby Nickels at (415) 530-5370 or anickels@farallones.org


Free posters that you can pick up at the Visitor Center.

  • Los Pajaros de los Esteros (Birds of the Esteros)
  • Harvestable Bounty of the Sea

To learn more, contact Justin Holl at (415) 530-5351 or justin.holl@noaa.gov.

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To learn more, or schedule a visit, contact Justin Holl at (415) 530-5351 or justin.holl@noaa.gov.