Bolinas Lagoon Restoration

scenic view of bolinas lagoon

Bolinas Lagoon is a 1,100 acre tidal estuary in Marin County with unique open water, mudflat, and marsh habitats that support a diverse population of marine, terrestrial, and plant species. The Lagoon's important ecosystem services and recreational opportunities also contribute to its designation as a Ramsar wetland of international importance, part of the UNESCO-designated Golden Gate Biosphere, and an Audubon Important Bird Area. For all these reasons the Lagoon is a priority restoration site for the marine sanctuary and our partners Greater Farallones Association (GFA), Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin County Parks, and One Tam.

Years of habitat alteration and historic land use changes (11 MB PDF), combined with uncertainties from future climate related impacts, threaten the health and long term function of the Lagoon. Our goal is to protect and conserve this vital coastal ecosystem by supporting the processes that allow it to evolve naturally and enhance its ability to adapt to future changes. The sanctuary and our partners achieve this goal through the implementation of management strategies and restoration projects within the Bolinas Lagoon Ecosystem Restoration Project: Recommendations for Restoration and Management (Locally Preferred Plan) (3.1 MB PDF). The Locally Preferred Plan was developed through a working group of the Sanctuary Advisory Council, comprised of scientists, local stakeholders, environmental groups, and state and federal agency representatives. Since its release in 2008, the sanctuary and its partner agencies use this as a guiding document for achieving our common vision of a naturally thriving and ecologically healthy Bolinas Lagoon. For over ten years we have worked to implement projects and, thanks to support from local Stinson Beach, Seadrift, and Bolinas communities, we continue to achieve significant restoration success.

Projects do not succeed without the support of the community, and we recognize the important role that public involvement plays in restoration and management. Scroll to learn about current and completed projects at Bolinas Lagoon and how you can participate in their success! Check out the GFA webpage to learn more about how our non-profit partner is supporting the program.