North End Project

north end project area

The North End Wetland Enhancement and Sea Level Rise Adaptation Project

Thanks to the support of local communities, scientific assessments, and technical expert recommendations, restoration of the north end of Bolinas Lagoon is our most recent project priority and progress is moving fast!  In January 2015, Marin County hired consultants to begin feasibility and assessment processes for developing the multi-beneficial project at the northern portion of Bolinas Lagoon.  The project's objectives are to alleviate chronic flooding and road safety hazards, improve the function of Lewis and Wilkins creeks, enhance riparian and wetland habitats, and allow for future expansion of Bolinas Lagoon as sea level rises.

The project area includes the intersection of roads at the Bolinas "Y" comprising portions of Olema-Bolinas Road, Bolinas-Fairfax Road, and Highway 1, and extending upstream through Lewis and Wilkins Creeks which drain through the "Y" into the northern tip of the lagoon.  Consultants have already completed Phase I of the project, which includes a baseline study of the area's existing biological, cultural, and physical resources and identifying the project's restoration goals. The results of these assessments are compiled into the Site Conditions Report.  Phase II includes an opportunities and constraints report as well as three conceptual project design plans that address resource enhancement and transportation issues. The draft alterntaives were completed using information from the Site Conditions Report, public workshops and partnership meetings. Each alternative details various restoration and road enhancement techniques broken into timed phases and are available to view online. Be sure to check out the alternatives and attend upcoming meetings to learn more about the project and provide your feedback.