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Press Room

An aerial perspective of the South Farallon Islands

This page is your one-stop shop for press releases, images, captions and other media-related material. Not all images are public domain. Please see image captions and credits for more information. For additional public domain images please visit the Sanctuary SIMoN website. Contact: Mary Jane Schramm: Media & Outreach Specialist; 415-561-6622 X 205;

Aug 1, 2016
Press Release: NOAA’s Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary is seeking applicants for three seats on its advisory council. (PDF, 52Kb)

Jul 29, 2016
Press Release: NOAA Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, California State Parks, to investigate historic shipwrecks and archaeological sites from the Sonoma Coast lumber industry (PDF, 52Kb)

Apr 19, 2016
Press Release: NOAA urges pilots, boaters, visitors to avoid stress to wildlife (PDF, 53Kb)
Murre image (JPG, 54Kb)

Dec 29, 2015
Press Release: New NOAA report highlights economic impact of recreation in North Central California national marine sanctuaries

Aug 8, 2015
Press Release: California State Lands Commission and Sanctuary launch the Tomales Bay Mooring Program (PDF, 52 KB)

Jul 9, 2015
Press Release: Sanctuary warns boaters: keep distance from whales; asks San Francisco area ship traffic to slow down (PDF, 20KB)

Jun 24, 2015
Press Release: Sanctuaries request ships to slow down to reduce collisions with endangered whales (PDF, 38 KB)

May 8, 2015
Press Release: Sanctuary volunteer Richard Matzinger honored as “Volunteer of the Year” (PDF, 305 KB) at the 13th Annual NMSF Ocean Awards Gala™.

Sep 16, 2014
Press Release: NOAA team reveals forgotten ghost ships off Golden Gate (PDF, 89KB)

Mar 13, 2013
Media Advisory: Avoid Harbor Seal Pups (PDF,178KB )

Feb 20, 2013
Media Advisory: 3rd Biennial Ocean Climate Summit (PDF, 43 KB)
High Resolution Images: California King Tides Initiative
Additional Websites: Our Coast-Our Future; Ocean Climate Indicators Project; California King Tides Initiative; NOAA Sentinel Site Program; Climate Smart Conservation

Sep 21, 2011
News Release: Bolinas Lagoon Roadway and Restoration Project is Underway (PDF, 96KB)

Apr 14, 2011
Community Announcement: Town Hall Meeting: Status and Future of Restoration Projects for Bolinas Lagoon (PDF, 60KB)

Mar 26, 2011
Facts about Risk, Public Safety & Rescue Skis at Mavericks
Santa Cruz Sentinel Op-Ed

Oct 26, 2010
Press Release: Ocean Climate Center Unveiled (PDF, 64KB)

Sep 29, 2010
Press Release: Farallones SharktoberFest 2010 (PDF, 184KB)

Sep 10, 2010
Press Release: Access Ocean Research Cruises (PDF, 164KB)

Aug 11, 2010
Press Release: Sanctuary Condition Report (PDF, 104KB)

Jun 3, 2010
Press Release: Ocean Climate Impacts Report (PDF, 68KB)
High Resolution Images: Coralline algae, Vermilion rockfish, Salmon boat, CO2 Graph, Coho salmon, Killer whale, Killer whale pod, Pteropod, Sunburst anemone, Endangered Western Snowy Plover
Image Information: Captions and Credits (PDF, 408KB)

Mar 11, 2010
Press Release: Boaters: Watch Out for Whales (PDF, 104 KB)

Feb 22, 2010
Press Release: Avoid Seal Pups on California Beaches (PDF, 108 KB)