An aerial perspective of the South Farallon Islands
An aerial perspective shows the South Farallon Islands, surrounded by the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Credit: Jan Roletto, NOAA GFNMS

Superintendent - Maria Brown
Deputy Superintendent - Brian Johnson
Advisory Council Coordinator - Jenn Gamurot
Ocean Climate Program Coordinator - Sara Hutto

Resource Protection

Resource Protection Coordinator - Karen Reyna
Permit Coordinator - Max Delaney
Seabird Protection Network Program Coordinator - Paul Hobi
Seabird Protection Network Outreach Specialist - Wendy Kordesch
Resource Protection Specialist, Tomales Bay - Brad Damitz
Resource Protection Specialist, Bolinas Lagoon - Kate Bimrose


Education Coordinator - Carol A. Preston
Media Liaison, Public Outreach Specialist - Mary Jane Schramm
Visitor Center Manager - Justin Holl
Visitor Center Naturalist - Peter Winch
Education Specialist - Rietta Hohman
Education Specialist - Courtney Buel
Education Specialist - Sara Heintzelman


Research Coordinator - Jan Roletto
Beach Watch Manager - Kirsten Lindquist
Beach Watch Volunteer Coordinator - Dru Devlin
Beach Watch Data Manager - Taylor Nairn
Geological Oceanographer, Coastal Scientist - Doug George


Adminstrative Assistant - Jenn Gamurot
GIS Analyst - Sage Tezak
IT Manager - Adam Contreras