An aerial perspective of the South Farallon Islands
An aerial perspective shows the South Farallon Islands, surrounded by the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Credit: Jan Roletto, NOAA GFNMS


Superintendent, Greater Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries - Maria Brown

Deputy Superintendent - Brian Johnson

Sanctuary Advisory Council Coordinator - Tishma Patel (affiliate)

Resource Protection

Resource Protection Specialist (Enforcement, Emergency Response, and Permits alternate) - Max Delaney

Resource Protection Specialist (Permits, Maritime Heritage, NEPA) - Lilli Ferguson

Resource Protection and Restoration Specialist (Affiliate) - Darrell Gregg

Resource Protection Coordinator (Policy, Planning, Regulations, and Restoration) - Karen Reyna

Education and Outreach

Visitor Center Manager - Justin Holl

Media Liaison/Education and Outreach Coordinator - Jennifer Stock - 415 686 1864


Research Coordinator (Offshore and Deep Sea): Dani Lipski

Research Coordinator (Nearshore, Marine Mammals, and Seabirds): Jan Roletto

Research Ecologist: Monisha Sugla

Administration and Operations

Operations Coordinator - Michael Carver

Administrative Assistant (Affiliate) - Jared Vilaseca

Several Sanctuary Projects include NOAA Affiliates and partnership with Greater Farallones Association