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Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center
Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center

Using the appeal of marine wildlife and habitats, the Sanctuary Visitor Center offers hands-on, lively programs on many marine topics. Programs are 90 minutes long, interactive, grade specific, correlate to state standards, and include indoor and outdoor components.

Kindergarten - Sensing the Sea
Explore the ocean using all five senses.

1st Grade - Intertidal Table Manners
Discover how sea creatures feed.

2nd Grade - Growing Up Underwater
Explore how sea creatures develop and reproduce.

3rd Grade - Suitcase for Survival
Find out how animals are adapted to their environment.

4th Grade - Pass the Plankton
Learn how plankton fuels the ocean web of life.

5th Grade - Seabird Scientists
Experiment and investigate to learn about seabirds.

6th Grade - Home Sweet Habitat
Learn about ecosystems in the sanctuary.

Programs available: Tuesdays - Fridays
Group size: maximum of 30 students
For more information contact contact Justin Holl at (415) 530-5351 or

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