Ocean Climate Program

waves crashing along a rocky shore

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The Ocean Climate Program, spearheaded by Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and Greater Farallones Association and run out of the Ocean Climate Center, addresses climate change impacts in the North-central California coast and ocean region through fostering awareness, advocating solutions, and promoting action among government agencies, public and private organizations, and individuals to build ecosystem resilience and sustainability.

As part of the Ocean Climate Program, the Climate-Smart Conservation Program integrates climate change science, monitoring, adaptation, mitigation, and communication into sanctuary management to achieve a healthy, resilient ocean for future generations. Beginning in 2008, the Program organizes biennial Ocean Climate Summits to connect information, resources, and people across disciplines, and is an organizing partner for multiple collaborative projects throughout the Bay Area that address climate change impacts to local coastal and marine ecosystems.

The Ocean Climate Program is a regional, national and international leader in the field of climate adaptation; check out this new storymap tool for a comprehensive look at the Program's accomplishments, its most significant projects and products, and guidance for natural resource managers in addressing climate change. And read more about our current projects here at our Greater Farallones Association website.