Sanctuary Advisory Council Recruitment

2016 Advisory Council Members

The Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary seeks applicants for the Sanctuary Advisory Council (SAC). The council ensures public participation in sanctuary management and provides advice to the sanctuary superintendent. The SAC holds quarterly meetings within the regions of San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, and Bodega Bay.

Candidates are selected based on their expertise and experience in relation to the seat for which they are applying, community and professional affiliations, and views regarding the protection and management of marine resources. Applicants who are chosen as members should expect to serve a three-year term.

The advisory council consists of 30 primary and alternate members, including community-at-large (Marin/Sonoma); community-at-large (San Francisco/San Mateo); community-at-large (Mendocino/Sonoma); conservation (two seats); education; maritime activities (commercial); maritime activities (recreational); youth; and research. There are also five governmental seats representing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, California Resources Agency, National Park Service, U.S. Coast Guard and NOAA Fisheries.

Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Charter

Office of National Marine Sanctuaries National Sanctuary Advisory Council Handbook

Current Vacancies (3):

Conservation Alternate (1 vacancy)

Conservation Seat Description/Qualifications

  • Affiliation with conservation or environmental organizations active in communities near the sanctuary;
  • Ability to effectively communicate with multiple organizations and the broader community of conservationists/environmentalists in the sanctuary region;
  • Familiarity with marine or Great Lakes conservation issues and management approaches affecting the sanctuary;
  • Direct experience working with or representing conservation or environmental organizations, especially those involved with marine or Great Lakes conservation;
  • Experience, ability and availability to conduct conservation outreach consistent with the goals of the sanctuary and the mission of the council;
  • Commitment and availability of time to chair and/or participate on the council’s conservation working group or subcommittee.

Deadline to apply is December 16, 2019.

Introduction Letter

Application Form


Youth Primary (1 vacancy)

Youth Alternate (1 vacancy)

Youth Seat Description/Qualifications

The youth seat (ages 14-17) is a non-voting seat that represents the youth segment of the community.

  • Must be a minimum of 14 years of age at time of application;
  • Attend a school (including home schools) in the area affected by the sanctuary;
  • Proven ability to communicate and network with other students within school (and/or other home schooled students) and in other schools within their community;
  • Possess an interest in sanctuary resource protection and management
  • Have experience and/or knowledge regarding public uses and activities in the sanctuary;
  • Be able to travel to and attend council meetings and retreats (youth or parent provides transportation);
  • Provide written recommendation from one or more teachers; and
  • Serve a maximum of two years, until they reach their 18th birthday, or graduate from high school, whichever comes first.

Deadline to apply is December 16, 2019.

Introduction Letter

Application Form