Relevant Links and Other Resources

close up of a white shark swimming

International White Shark Symposium

In February 2010, an International White Shark Symposium was held in Hawaii to discuss the state of the science of White Shark tagging and provide a forum to meet other resource managers addressing similar issues surrounding White Shark-human interactions. Additionally, the Symposium provided a platform for round-table discussions on tagging ethics, White Shark eco-tourism ethics, and how best to address public reactions following a shark's mistaken interaction with humans. A list of presenters and abstracts on the various papers and topics that were covered can be found in the Symposium program (1.1 MB PDF).

Literature Review

In completing the Draft Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) for our White Shark permitting program, GFNMS has also compiled a list of current scientific publications and references (PDF, 145KB) related to White Sharks.