Seabird Protection Network

western gull chicks

California is home to an amazing and diverse population of seabirds. Discover ways to be "seabird safe" while flying, boating, paddling or hiking along the coast.

Seabirds gather in large groups on offshore rocks, cliffs and islands near the coast. Find a colony near you! (6.05 MB PDF). Seabirds react when people, boats or aircraft get too close. Too close of an approach can interrupt natural behaviors, such as feeding, resting or caring for chicks. Disturbance to seabirds during the breeding season can:

  • Scare birds off their nests
  • Dislodge eggs and chicks from nest sites
  • Allow predators access to eggs and chicks
  • Lead to deaths when eggs and chicks are exposed to heat or cold
  • Cause chicks to drown when they are forced to leave the nest too soon

The Seabird Protection Network (Network) is a multi-organization collaborative that works to reduce human disturbance to seabirds and other marine wildlife along the California coast.

Visit, our umbrella website, to find links to all the Network Chapters.