At your School

Seal Pup under water looking at the camera
Seal Pup

Our At Your School programs bring the ocean to your classroom. We have programs for K-12 that encourage your students to discover the wonder of ocean science without leaving the school grounds. Programs are standards-based and topics vary by grade and include crabs, sharks, and marine birds. The Oceans After School program provides 16 hours of marine science in 8 sessions and is geared toward after-school program

Oceans After School (3-5)

Using the endless appeal of our local marine wildlife and habitats, the Sanctuary Education Team offers 16 hours of fun, hands-on, lively marine science programs for after-school programs on topics such as sharks, salmon, seabirds, whales, squid, and plankton. 

Crab Cab (K-3)

Call the Crab Cab for your kindergarten, 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade class and we'll bring the learning right to your door! The Crab Cab is a fun, interactive, 45-minute classroom program where students learn about crabs, crab diversity and good seashore manners.

Seabird Shuttle (3-5)

Students will learn about local seabirds, investigate adaptations using artifacts, and discover the fascinating life cycle of a common murre by playing a life-size "chutes n' ladders" game.

Sharkmobile (4-6)

Bring the Sharkmobile outreach program on shark biology and conservation to your fourth, fifth or sixth grade class.

Science at Sea (7-12)

Students glimpse a life aboard a sanctuary research vessel. Learn about some of the equipment and techniques scientists use to study ocean ecosystems and a range of ocean related careers.