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January 24, 2013

Joint afternoon meeting with CBNMS

Grange Hall,

Bodega Bay

Agenda (185 KB PDF)

Key Meeting Outcomes (277 KB PDF)

Identifying Place-Based Habitat Priorities: NOAA Habitat Blueprint and the Habitat Focus Area Regional Pilot (2065 KB PDF)

SeaWeb Workshop Planning Presentation (109 KB PDF)

Northern Expansion Briefing Presentation (1768 KB PDF)

Analyzing the San Francisco-Pacifica Exclusion Area for Incorporation into the National Marine Sanctuary System (959 KB PDF)

1st Quarter Superintendent's Report (156 KB PDF)


February 21, 2013

Sanctuary Advisory Council Workshop

Red Barn Classroom, Point Reyes

Workshop Agenda (68 KB PDF)

Visioning to Inform Sanctuaries Expansion Efforts (1289 KB PDF)

Oceanography of the North Coast (15, 985 KB PDF)

Using Seabirds and Habitat Features to Identify 'Hotspots' in the California Current (2543 KB PDF)

Feasibility Studies for Hydrokinetic Energy in California (3154 KB PDF)

Joint Sanctuary Advisory Council Workshop to Inform Proposed Expansion: Coastal Aquaculture (357 KB PDF)

Workshop Summary (138 KB PDF)

Ecological Effects of Wave Energy Development in the Pacific Northwest (1822 KB PDF)

May 22, 2013

General's Residence

Upper Fort Mason,

San Francisco

Agenda (47 KB PDF)

Key Meeting Outcomes (192 KB)

USCG and CBNMS SAC update (1,630 KB)

Summary of Sanctuaries Travel and Tourism Initiative (69 KB PDF)

Introduced Species Proposed Rule Presentation (207 KB)

Summary of Proposed Expansion Scoping Comments (94 KB)

Projected Timeline for Proposed Sanctuary Expansion (90 KB)

San Francisco Pacifica Exclusion Area Final Presentation (2,320 KB)

San Francisco Pacifica Exclusion Area Final Thesis (3,904 KB)

Ocean Acidification: An Update (Part One) (4,019 KB)

Effectively Communicating Ocean Acidification (Part Two) (1,466 KB)

Whale Entanglement Fact Sheet (487 KB PDF)

Fixed Gear Guide (48 KB PDF)

2nd Quarter Superintendent's Report (183 KB)

Introduced Species Resolution (19 KB)

August 21, 2013

Joint meeting with MBNMS

Half Moon Bay Yacht Club

Agenda (69 KB)

Key Meeting Outcomes (Joint Meeting) (69 KB)

Resolution in Support of Sanctuary Essential Fish Habitat Proposal to Pacific Fisheries Management Council (15 KB)

Resolution to Encourage Consultation with Fishermen in Selecting EFH Candidates (16 KB)

Council Comment on Federal Register Notice on Sanctuary Nomination Process (15 KB)

Presentation on Sanctuary's EFH Proposal to Pacific Fisheries management Council (18,563 KB)

ONMS Sanctuary Nomination Process (1733 KB)

America's Cup Healthy Ocean's Project Pledge (127 KB)

Sanctuary System Business Advisory Council FAQ (68 KB)

A Proposal to Consider Options for New EFH HAPC(s) and Conservation Areas in GFNMS (7509 KB)

Activites in the Northern Management Area Presentation (6667 KB)

Ship Strikes in the Sanctuaries (2220 KB)

Agricultural Water Quality Alliance Presentation (3642 KB)

Tomales Bay Management Plan Update (240 KB)

October 24, 2013 (Retreat)

San Francisco Exploratorium

Agenda (43 KB)

FY 13 Work Plan Summary (39 KB)

FY 14 Work Plan Prospectus (38 KB)

MPA Monitoring Enterprise Presentation (1856 KB)

LiMPETS Presentation (3831 KB)

Beachwatch Presentation (3049 KB)

November 20, 2013

Point Reyes

Agenda (47 KB)

Key Meeting Outcomes (77 KB)

FINAL Ocean Climate Indicators Report (5.6Mb)

CY2012 Emissions Inventory (396KB)

Resolution on Proposed USFWS Project to Eradicate Mice from Southeast Farallon Island (16KB)

USFWS Presentation on South Farallon Islands Invasive House Mouse Eradication Project (4826KB)

Pesticide Research Institute Presentation on Rodenticide Use for Mouse Eradication on the Farallones: Food for Thought (762KB)

Climate Smart Conservation Presentation (2235KB)

Our Coast, Our Future: Planning for Sea Level Rise and Storms in the San Francisco Bay Area Presentation (2359KB)


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