A Boater's Guide to Seabird Protection

boats at arena cove

Seabirds are best enjoyed from afar. Approaching too close can cause stress to seabirds, resulting in abandoned nests, that could lead to the deaths of eggs and chicks and eventual decreases in populations.

Help protect seabirds by following these tips:

  • Stay 1,000 feet (3 football fields) from cliffs, offshore rocks and islands.
  • Watch the birds for signs you are too close (head-bobbing or wing-fluttering). If you see these reactions move away.
  • Never discard fishing line overboard, cover bait, and use barbless hooks or artificial lures to avoid hooking birds.
  • Prevent pollution while boating on San Francisco Bay! (PDF)

Free Posters, Tips & Tools

  • for a free presentation (PDF) at your next club meeting or event.
  • Boater Guide to Special Closures in California's Marine Protected Areas. Download (PDF) or for your free copy, today.
  • Click map below for regulations of California's marine protected areas.

map of california state designated marine protected areas pint arena to pighon point and a letter to boaters

Visit www.SeabirdProtectionNetwork.org, our umbrella website, to find links to all the Network Chapters.