Highway 1 Improvement Project

Highway 1 project locations
Figures and numbers indicate project locations..

In 2010 Caltrans began implementing the first restoration effort to incorporate recommendations from the Bolinas Lagoon Ecosystem Restoration Project: Recommendations for Restoration and Management (PDF, 3Mb). The three part Highway 1 road repair project, located between post miles 15 and 17, provides several benefits to Bolinas Lagoon; 1) The project replaced 14 coroded and failed cluverts, which help to reduce roadway flooding during storms and catch sand and silt before entering the lagoon; 2) The project installed 4,900 ft of improved rock slope protection between Highway 1 and the lagoon, which helps guard against wind and water erosion along the roadway's edge. Nonnative vegetation including iceplant along this stretch was also removed to reduce and control the spread of invasive plants; 3) Lastly, the roadway along the two-mile stretch of Highway 1 and several dirt pullouts, were rehabilitated using pourous pavement. This gravel based surface captures runoff, reducing or eliminating vehicle byproducts such as oil, gasoline, grease and toxins from entering into the lagoon.

The project was finished in 2012 and continues to provide important, ecological, road maintenance, and driver safety benefits for Bolinas Lagoon and the surrounding communities.  Listen to coverage of the milestone ceremony celebrating the completion of the project, and learn more about how this effort kick's off restoration at Bolinas Lagoon!