Bolinas Lagoon Bulletin

bolinas lagoon bulletin

The sanctuary and our agency partners recognize the important role public involvement plays in restoration and management. Projects do not succeed without the support of the community, and this electronic bulletin is just one way we aim to keep you involved! Click on past issues below to catch up on the latest restoration news. To sign up and receive the Bolinas Lagoon Bulletin email Kate Bimrose at


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Bulletin 1

October, 2012
bulletin image

Bulletin 2

April, 2013

Bolinas review group

Bulletin 3

April, 2014

Green Crab

Bulletin 4

October, 2014

Bolinas Town Hall Meeting

Bulletin 5

April, 2015

West Marin Adaptation Workshop image

Bulletin 6

October, 2015

North end map

Bulletin 7

October, 2016

For more information or to sign up for the Bolinas Lagoon Bulletin contact:

Kate Bimrose
Bolinas Lagoon Restoration Project Coordinator
(415) 970-5245