Ocean Climate Center

Ocean Climate Center
Ocean Climate Center grand opening at Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Credit: Jan Roletto, NOAA GFNMS

Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary opened the Ocean Climate Center on October 26, 2010. The Center serves as an ocean and climate change communication center for the Bay Area, and facilitates the exchange of technical, scientific, policy and education information and ideas. The Center brings together a diversity of knowledge and expertise amongst several federal, state, and local agencies and other academic and non-profit partners to identify, assess and address the effects of climate variability and change on the sanctuary and the surrounding marine region.

The sanctuary's Ocean Climate Program is administered through the Center, and design plans are currently in development for future public exhibit space. 

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Center Exhibits

An exhibit design team is currently developing interactive exhibits for the Ocean Climate Center focused on the local effects of climate change on sanctuary habitats and ecosystems, such as sea level rise and storms, ocean acidification, and species range shifts. The exhibits will also highlight innovative and creative solutions to these issues, positive choices that everyone can make, and ways in which communities and individuals can get involved. Exhibit installation is contingent on federal funding.