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The Bolinas Lagoon Bulletin

GFNMS and our agency partners recognize the important role public involvement plays in restoration and management, and this electronic bulletin is just one way we aim to keep you involved! Our third issue of the bulletin will be released in Spring, 2014 and will include information about upcoming public meetings, volunteer restoration dates on Kent Island, next steps for future restoration projects and much more. For now click on our two past issues below to catch up on the latest restoration news.


screen capture of the first issue of the Bolinas Lagoon Bulletin
screen capture of the second issue of the Bolinas Lagoon Bulletin


Interested in receiving the bulletin so you can stay informed on the status of restoration projects, future meetings, and volunteer opportunities? Contact Kate Bimrose at and sign up to receive the Bolinas Lagoon Bulletin newsletter today!

To stay even more involved in the process, attend the upcoming meetings listed below and be up to date on Bolinas Lagoon restoration and management efforts.

To learn more about local BLAC members who represent your community's interests visit Marin County Parks Bolinas Lagoon Advisory Council webpage.

Reformulation of the Bolinas Lagoon Technical Advisory Council (BLTAC)

At their July 2012 meeting, the Marin County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution to establish the Bolinas Lagoon Advisory Council (BLAC). Much like its predecessor BLTAC, the new BLAC will continue to advise the Marin County Board of Supervisors, the Board of Directors of the Marin County Open Space District, and Marin County Parks on the management and restoration of the Bolinas Lagoon Open Space Preserve. The BLAC will also remain an important liaison between the lead implementing agencies, and the communities surrounding Bolinas Lagoon.

Reformulation of the old BLTAC was initiated after members expressed concern regarding their role as an advisory committee. Marin County staff sought to redefine parameters in an effort to maintain the original intent of BLTAC as an advisory group promoting stewardship of the lagoon, while recognizing the need to clarify roles and establish more efficient means for promoting sound restoration and management. At the July meeting, Marin County Board of Supervisors considered these changes and approved the new BLAC. Agency, community, and local stakeholder members look forward to increasing protection of the lagoon and its surrounding watershed, implementing restoration projects, and strengthening community outreach and exchange.

Sanctuary Advisory Council

The Sanctuary Advisory Council (SAC) provides the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary superintendent with advice on priority topics for the sanctuary, and serves as a liaison to the community regarding sanctuary issues, including restoration of Bolinas Lagoon. The Council played an important role in the development of the Locally Preferred Plan and continues to be a vital conduit for relaying community interests, concerns, and management needs to the sanctuary.

Upcoming meeting agenda items, and agendas and notes from past meetings are posted on the SAC webpage.



Kate Bimrose
Bolinas Lagoon Restoration Project Coordinator
(415) 970-5245